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The Five Most Common Reasons You May Need Sidewalk Repair In NYC

Sidewalk damage

Living in NYC, it's hard to ignore the fact that sidewalks pretty much dominate the landscape. It's concrete as far as the eye can see, and normal wear and tear can create conditions that indicate the concrete needs to be repaired or replaced. When this happens, you'll want to call on a professional concrete contracting company to ensure your sidewalk meets all of the specifications required by the city.

Oftentimes it comes as a surprise to NYC property owners that they are the ones responsible for repairs or replacements to the sidewalk adjacent to their property. Usually, this news comes from the Department of Transportation when they deliver a citation for a sidewalk violation. All kinds of things go through your mind when you're handed a violation for the condition of your adjacent sidewalk. Most people never really consider that a sidewalk repair company exists until you need one. It's funny how sidewalks are something people constantly use yet never really put much thought into the mechanic of.

Now, you may be wondering how your sidewalk became damaged anyway. It's a sidewalk for goodness sake, what could possibly happen to it? Here we've listed the top five reasons sidewalks fall into disrepair.

Tree Roots

Tree roots growing beneath the surface can cause the concrete sidewalk above the roots to shift and crack as the roots become bigger.

At first, this looks like a tiny crack you barely notice, but now with a crevice already formed, the sidewalk is more susceptible to increasing damage as the roots continue to increase in size. The good news here is that depending on who's tree it is and the specifics of your location, you may not be totally responsible for tree roots that require sidewalk repair to be done. We can help you determine whether or not you fall into this category and point you in the direction of who to call if you do.

DOT Sidewalk Violation

If you receive a DOT sidewalk violation for cracks and other damages deemed dangerous to pedestrians, you have 75 days from the time the violation is issued to have the necessary repairs performed.

This may sound like a good bit of time, but the truth is you'll want to get started on finding a sidewalk repair contractor and get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Failure to comply with the DOT violation specifications means the city will have the work done for you and then send you the bill. It's far more cost-effective in the end to have the work done and keep up regular maintenance to avoid future violations.

Extreme Variations In Weather

Extreme variations in weather can cause cracks to show up in your concrete sidewalk, and here in NYC, we get to experience extremes of both hot and cold that have a negative impact on the structural integrity of your sidewalk.

The freezing cold winter months open the door for water that gets underneath the sidewalk to freeze, causing movement. When the ice melts, the concrete will settle back into its original position, but the cracks left by the freezing ice will remain until repaired. Conversely, the high heat temperatures we get during the summer can cause the concrete itself to expand, contracting back into place after the temperatures cool down.

Selling Your NYC Property

If you're considering selling your NYC home or commercial property, be sure to check your sidewalks condition before you agree to a selling price.

Having your sidewalks repaired or replaced can increase the value of your property and enhance the overall value of the home or office, not only right now but for the long-haul. A little curb appeal never hurt either!

The Human Element

The human element is responsible for most all things that are created or destroyed here on earth.

This goes double for NYC. The people of our great city are resilient, and they live life like there's no tomorrow, the only way to be. Living life to the fullest in a city cram-packed with people traveling along sidewalks is, at times, a recipe for damage. Whether it's intentional or simply a freak accident, we've seen some sidewalks that have taken a beating from one thing or another and needed patching up afterward. In a city with over 3 million people, it's bound to happen. The bonus in this situation is that you usually at least get an interesting story out of the deal!

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