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Tips to Keep Your Sidewalk Safe in the Winter

New York City Sidewalk Repair Winter Sidewalks

We New Yorkers are all too familiar with the harsh winters and the problems the intense cold brings. Of course, one of the greatest headaches and, indeed, safety hazards that affect New York City in the winter occurs when sidewalks begin to ice over. Without the proper precautions, pedestrians could suffer dangerous falls and business owners could suffer legal repercussions.

Before you as a business owner in New York City find yourself dealing with the fallout of a fall on your sidewalk, be sure to put in some work to keep your sidewalk safe in the winter. The professional sidewalk repair professionals at NYC Sidewalk Repair have compiled a short list of a few things you can do to prepare your sidewalks for the snowy, icy weather:

Invest in Professional Snow Clearing

Of course, the largest headache and hazard to affect your sidewalks in the wintertime is the snowfall. And we know how heavy snowfall can be in NYC, don't we? It can be heavy enough that one man armed with one shovel may be unable to clear it out effectively. If you feel ill equipped to handle this chore, then simply invest in professional clearing after your sidewalk has become blanketed in snow. We promise this will save you time and hassle.

De-Ice Your Sidewalks When Necessary

Snow is one wintery problem when it comes to your sidewalks, but it's not the only problem—nor is it the most dangerous. Rather, that distinction goes to the ice that inevitably follows it. Before your sidewalk becomes a veritable skating rink for unprepared skaters, take these steps to de-ice your walkway:

  • Mix ice melt with sand
  • Spread in an even layer before the bad weather hits
  • Spread in another layer after the bad weather has hit
  • Utilize rock salt if needed

Monitor Sidewalk Conditions

Once you've put in the time, money, and work needed to clear out and de-ice your sidewalk, don't simply get complacent. The winter conditions don't rest, and neither should you, as you might turn around only to find that your sidewalk has been rendered no safer than it was before you got to work on it. So, in order to ensure your property remains safe, continue to monitor your sidewalk conditions throughout a snowy day.

When Sidewalk Damage Presents a Safety Hazard, We're Here to Help

Now, all of the preparation in the world won't do you any good if your sidewalk suffers breakages and other such defects—which will only become even more hazardous after being buried in the snow. So, in your endeavor to prepare your sidewalks for the winter, invest in sidewalk repairs before the first snowfall. Our NYC Sidewalk Repair will provide quality work that'll keep your property safe during even the harshest winters.

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