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I Got A DOT Sidewalk Violation—Now What?

DOT violation key facts

If you've received a DOT sidewalk violation, you're probably wondering how to go about having the violation removed. Truthfully, it's not that bad as long as you make a point to get the ball rolling relatively quickly after receiving your notice. At NYC Sidewalk Repair, we'll help you through the entire process and remove some of the headaches from the experience.

The current NYC laws state that property owners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks in good repair the sidewalk adjacent to their property. Should your sidewalk become damaged and unsafe for pedestrian traffic, you're responsible for the sidewalk repairs. Ignoring defects in the sidewalk is kind of like having a ticking time bomb in front of your property. You know it's only a matter of time before you receive one of those lovely violations.

Get the Work Done in the Appropriate Time Frame

Once you've received the violation, you're given 75 days to get the work done and have a final inspection of your sidewalk. Once the inspector verifies the repairs have been done and says you're good to go, you'll need to request a violation dismissal. This is an easy process that can be done online.

Waiting Too Long Will Cost You

If you choose not to have the required repairs made, the city will then have the sidewalk fixed for you with one of their contracting companies, and you'll soon after receiving the bill. In our experience, this route will always cost the property owner more than had they hired a private sidewalk repair company, to begin with.

You'll Have to Pay the DOT's Bill, or You'll Face Greater Consequences

If you have the repairs done, you're home free at this point. However, if you choose to let the city have their crew handle it and bill you, you'll have 90 days to pay the costs. After this 90-day period, a lien will be placed on your property that cannot be removed until the repairs have been paid in full. Should you ever find yourself in this predicament without the means to pay the city bill, they do also offer a payment plan option as well.

Receiving a violation of any kind can be nerve-wracking, so do what you can to keep your sidewalk in good condition and never have to worry about DOT violations. If you do get served a notice, simply look to our sidewalk repair company to get things back in order.

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We are a licensed professional sidewalk and concrete contractor company with years of experience in meeting the safety requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation. We take pride in our work, and we don't consider the job done until you're happy.

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